Andrijana Janevska (December 6th 1981) was born in Skopje where she is living and working at the moment. She started her music education in the primary music school at the age of 6. She finished High School in the Music High School - “Ilija Nikolovski - Luj” in Skopje and in 2004 she graduated at the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje in the Vocal and Instrumental Department - section violin. In 2011 she got her Master’s Degree at the department of Music Theory and Pedagogy, section Methodology of Music Teaching, and at the moment she is on her doctoral studies at the Institute for National History.

She had her debut at Skopje Fest Festival in 1998, singing in duet with Pece Ognenov. She made her appearance in 2000 again at Skopje Fest Festival, where she launched her mega hit “Your Letter, My Bible” („Твоето писмо моја Библија“). She was the winner at Makfest Festival in 2000 with the song “Love Is Your Address” („Љубов ти е адреса“), sung in duet with Marijan Stojanovski.

To continue, in 2001 she won the Grand Prix at Skopje Festival with the song “Nostalgia” (“Носталгија”). The same year she launched her first solo album “My Bible” („Моја Библија“). Moreover, on Makfest Festival in 2001, she won the second place singing in duet with Vrchak the song “Day after Day” („Ден по ден“).

In 2002 she participated in the competition for choosing a song to represent Macedonia at Eurovision Song Contest and she came second with the song “Oh Cherie, Mon Cherie” („О Шери, мон Шери“). In 2006, she launched her second solo album entitled “Day” („Ден“). Together with Mitan Project, in 2008, she put out an album entitled “Macedonian Roses” („Македонски рози“) containing 15 traditional Macedonian songs. This was the best-selling album for 2008. In 2009, she made a new album with traditional Macedonian songs named “A Story about a Girl” („Приказна за едно моме“), as a further development of the project with Mitan.

Then, in 2010, in collaboration with MED Macedonia, she made the album with Christmas Carols for children entitled “A Little Star” („Ѕвездичка мала“). In 2011, in cooperation with Tanja Veda, she released the album “When You Are Happy” („Кога си среќен“), which contains 15 children’s songs originating from English speaking areas, sung in Macedonian language.

In 2015, again in cooperation with Tanja Veda, she launched the project “Lullabies” („Заспивалки“) – a book with a music CD. The project, first of this kind in Macedonia, consists of a book for children with illustrations and an album with 10 bedtime stories and 10 lullabies in Macedonian language.

Andrijana Janevska has won many awards and honors in this country and abroad. She is very active in charity work and projects related to environment protection, children rights, animals protection etc. She has performed in fifteen European countries, Australia and the USA. In addition, she worked as a professor of music at the University of Audiovisual Arts, ESRA Paris - Skopje - New York, as music teacher at the high school “Algoritam”, violin teacher at the music school in Kumanovo and as a teacher of solfeggio, theory of music, stage singing and piano at the music school “Entreprise”.

At the moment she is teaching stage singing at the Faculty of Music Arts in Skopje and she is a full-time employee of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet as first violin. Apart from her singing, she plays the violin, the synthesizer, the piano and the bass guitar. She is also composing, arranging, orchestrating, singing up backing vocals, writing lyrics as well as being a producer. Since 1999 she has been an active member of Women’s Chamber Choir “St. Zlata Meglenska” („Св. Злата Мегленска“) which won 2 gold medals in 2015 Choir Olympics in Riga, Latvia. She has also been for several times a member of the jury at international musical and art competitions. Her favorite pastime activity is playing chess; for one year she was even spokesperson for the Chess Federation of Macedonia as a member of the chess club “Gambit”.

In 2009, she got married to Dragan Ginovski – Gino, a famous Macedonian guitarist. The couple has two sons, Dimitar (2011) and Kristijan (2015). They are owners of the music studio Ginovski and they are music producers for many musicians in the country and abroad.